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Do you join Loop Giveaways for your Instagram? Well if you do, you know how hard it can be to stay organized. This Loop Giveaway Planner will make you look like a Loop Queen. This planner is designed to help you grow while staying organized! 

Do you host Loop Giveaways? Great, I also have a Loop Host Planner for you! This planner was designed with you in mind. After my many years on Loop Hosting, I realized there was a need for a planner! This will help you keep everything organized when planning your next big loop!

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Hi! My name is Jennifer Johnson, I started my Instagram almost two years ago. I have been blown away at how easy it is to grow an Instagram Business and I have now made it my goal to teach others how to expand their business on Instagram. My membership site InstantBoss Club teaches you everything you need to know to grow you Business on Instagram.  I have created this loop planner for my Club, so if you like what you see, there is way more where that came from!
If you are interested to learn more about this course, visit my website at:

Jennifer Johnson

InstantBoss Club

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If you like what you see, this is just one little bonus that comes with my membership site InstantBoss Club, that I am giving you for FREE. Loop giveaways are one lesson out of many! Check out to see how you can sign up.


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